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Case #1 (Chronic Shoulder pain, Myalgia and myositis) :

I found Dr Ellis in the internet. I came to see him because of right shoulder pain. My first impression was the classy office.

This may be a good sign but it can also mean that he can charge hidden fees to keep up with expenses. I did ask him about insurance, at the same time assuring him that I had one.

But he said that he is concerned about my treatment first. I noticed immediately that he is affable and friendly. He even introduced me to his turtle in the aquarium and he offered me tea.

Being friendly is a great value but it can also be a façade to hide incompetence. I also noticed that his equipments were state-of-the-art, but again, machines are effective only when the person using them is capable.

When I asked him if he was good, he said that his credentials and his long experience can vouch for him. He politely told me that I can try him and if I am not happy or I do not get result, I can always not come back.

I already began to like him. Doctors can be very professional and clinical that they forget they are dealing with a person and not a case. Plus, I felt that as a friend he will take better care of me. But, of course, I have to try his skill.

He assured me that he can treat my complaint and outlined to me his plan of treatment. This is reassuring, indeed. And I was not disappointed. The first treatment already produced result.

I felt relief of the pain. Or more accurately, the pain was considerably lessened. I still needed to come back to continue with the treatment plan but already I was happy with the first visit.

With so many chiropractors in the area, I was fortunate to have discovered Dr Ellis. I have found a highly competent and experienced practitioner, who works with clean instruments and in a hygienic environment. It is a bonus that he is also a friend.

From: Alex Menez - Patient